Gravity Free Summer is a band formed in Dallas, Texas in 2013. The band's lineup consists of founder Henry Bennett (guitar, vocals) and Stacy Bennett (drums, vocals). Prior to the band's formation, Gravity Free Summer was a solo project with limited single releases. After recruiting Stacy Bennett on drums, Henry Bennett finished production of their debut double album She Will Trip into Pastels Expanding.

Gravity Free Summer uses a melding of alternative rock, shoegaze, and ambient styles with an electronic music compositional influence. The duo favors pop simplicity contrasted with experimental audio. On their second album, Etcetera, the band explores micro-tonal drone music and sampling. The expansive and lengthy songs on Etcetera prompted a return to alternative rock stylings on their third album, The Cat Agenda. This album, a conceptual work that journeys through the hunting cycle of a house cat, contains songs with a new found range of material, from primitive garage rock, to doom metal, and dream pop.

Image courtesy of James Eakins