awake at 2am

January21, 2016

As the title states, I'm awake when I should be asleep.

Nights like this can be frustrating. I feel like I can't turn off my brain. It keeps humming and clattering. I can't get comfortable in bed. After hours of restless tossing and turning, I grow annoyed. Insomnia is boring. Doing nothing but lying horizontal for five hours gets old fast when you're wide awake.

Staring at a computer screen in a pitch dark room isn't helping matters, either. Now my brain will be confused by the light hitting my retinas and begin the process of pumping out daytime hormones and chemicals. Taking an extra dose of melatonin tonight didn't help much.

My musical projects went on a gradual hiatus over the past couple of months, mostly prompted by the holiday season taking up our time. Also, I felt pretty burnt out after a solid seven months of work. Hopefully, a short break will recharge my batteries. If not, I'll have to force myself back to work if I'm not creating of my own free will by spring time. I don't want to go too long without writing and recording, especially when considering there are now a couple of unfinished albums worth of work sitting around.

Album number five still needs lyrics and vocals, which I do not feel motivated to complete at all. For whatever reason I cannot muster up the courage or confidence to tackle that one. I've struggled with insecurities regarding my singing talent (or lack thereof) in the past, but not this bad before.

I began work on a more experimental sort of project after the main gfs album was put on hold. I was sampling source material from old K-Mart intercom PA music/announcement tapes from the 80s and coming up with some pretty twisted stuff. I was intentionally forcing out some weird sounds and it was fun.

Also came up with a two song single, one of which songs ended up as Keep You in the previous entry.

I don't know how to put all of this music together.

Nowadays I'm having fun with retro gaming emulation on my new Raspberry Pi computer. I'm about halfway through one of my favorite games of all time, Earthbound.

This entry was written mainly as an excuse to test out my new Git command line work flow.