cassette afterlife

November10, 2015

I get excited about old technology. If it was abandoned at one point and all that remains is an insular scene of freaks and weirdos carrying the torch, I'll be there.

I get amped up over the idea of starting a BBS, and in the truly old school tradition--get an old PC, setup some board software, and have it running in the back of a closet.

I feel happy thinking about doing a limited 50 cassette tape release of an album. Just to release something odd and unexplainable, noisy and beautiful, on a shitty, old format barely anyone listens to anymore. I want to hold something. I want something that can break and requires care.

I want to make funky little things that don't always work the way they're supposed to. I want to blend outdated technology with new methods.

If time travel ever becomes real, I cannot wait, because it will usher the end of history. Our linear tale will cease to have meaning or context. Imagine, a 14th century monk serving beer to a 22nd century Brooklyn hipster. Imagine, an ancient Athenian philosophizing to 80s new wave kids. Believe, Jesus delivering the sermon on the mount via hologram to Martian pilgrims.

Cassettes reproduce audio frequency spectrum up to about 16 kHz, though most lower end consumer tape decks will only play up to 12 kHz, which gives it that infamous muffled blanket sound. Vinyl presents more "warmth." CDs provide an authentic digital representation of what was produced in the studio. I haven't listened much to cassettes over the past decade, but my most formidable years as a music lover were through consuming tape-based music. I miss tapes.

I'm bored with the digital distribution of music. It doesn't excite me. Party's over, the grown ups came home and now we have to clean up. Now it's all about hits, views, clicks, eyeballs, likes, retweets. What the hell are we doing? Remember when the internet was slow as shit and filled with funny, brilliant people? Now I feel like I'm at the mall 24/7.

I'm cooking up some groovy tunes in the song lab, should have something released soon.