gazed and chopped

August03, 2015

Not too much progress with recording the album last week. The beginnings of a new song were laid down, which brings the total song count up to 16. I tried a mash-up of two genres, shoegaze and screwed and chopped hip-hop, with mixed results.

I was inspired by 90s Houston rap, with it's hazy, slow-as-syrup speed and guttural bass tones. I felt like it would compliment shoegaze, with its swirling guitars and droning distortion. Although these two types of music don't seem to have much in common, there is a stylistic common thread--both use production techniques and the recording studio as an instrument. I haven't heard any band write songs like this before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Also, in my head it sounded cool as hell.

I didn't have much success with my gazed n chopped song but it may continue to evolve. Maybe it will end up as a b-side.

Speaking of which, with 16 songs in the works, some will need to be cut and not make the team. We've already released an epic statement album and I don't want to release another one too soon. This next album will be lean and mean. I want it to be the length of a 60s rock record; typically, those were around 25 to 30 minutes long. I'm thinking 11 songs will fit.

The next phase is writing lyrics and recording vocals. I've done a couple of test recordings with my new mic and I'm ready to tackle actual songs. Time to start doing my vocal exercises again.

Non-band related news: I'm having a blast playing the old school RPG Legend of the Red Dragon.