keep you

December01, 2015

Despite the lack of blog posts lately, I've kept fairly busy these last few weeks. Writing lyrics, taking pictures, exploring new guitar tones, learning how to properly use compression plugins, and staying swamped at my day job, which has been the norm the last six months. I'm toying with the idea of doing a limited (very limited) cassette single release. I've become obsessed with cassette labels, so much so that I'm considering starting an imprint of my own. Will it be profitable? Hell no. Will anyone notice? Probably not. Will it be a learning experience? Definitely. Will it be fun yet hard work? I'd like to think so!

While debating whether or not to press forward with releasing music on physical media, I put together a little video to help our new song get some fresh air in this big crowded world. This song is called "Keep You."