nineteen ninety five

March08, 2016

The year of 1995 was a pivotal year in my life. That was the year I became a serious fan of music and started learning how to play the guitar. I was still a kid, but that year was the first time I felt like I was "growing up." Playing the guitar changed me. It was the first time something belonged to me and felt important. That year was also the moment when the internet appeared on my radar. Overnight, it seemed as if everyone was talking about email, chat rooms and the world wide web.

It's now twenty years later and so much has changed. The internet and mass adoption of computers have impacted all of our lives. The way we produce and consume media has radically shifted. In 1995, a small town kid like myself had few options when it came to listening to music. I had a handful of record stores where I could purchase mainstream major label releases. If I wanted to hear something new, I had the radio and MTV. That was pretty much it.

Twenty years later, and now we have a virtual library of infinite music at our fingertips. An album leaking before an official release date is the norm. Bootleg audio and video are online shortly after a final encore. Bands communicate directly with their fan base. Entire discographies are downloaded in minutes. We carry around thousands of songs in our pocket. Bands big or small have access to incredible publishing tools which give them the ability to be heard by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In 1995, I never would have dreamed in a million years I'd be able to listen to so many bands, or be able to easily and cheaply create my own music. The internet and music have always taken up the same mind-space in my brain. I've only recorded music with digital tools. My understanding of computers grew alongside my understanding of audio recording.

While writing the newest album, I took note of the latest wave of nostalgia sweeping across our generation. It feels like we've all got the '90s bug and cultural references from that decade are in vogue again.

This batch of songs isn't necessarily nostalgic in sound, but I was definitely trying to vibe off of the experiences I had when discovering music in the '90s. It's about looking back at where I came from and where I am now and comparing notes. How much I've changed, how much the world has transformed and how much is still the same. My musical tastes have expanded yet I still love all the bands I started with. I've learned to play different instruments yet I still return to the guitar.

It feels like our world is accelerating at an ever increasing pace. The job I have now didn't even exist twenty years ago. My wife and I met each other despite living thousands of miles apart, all thanks to the internet. Technology will usher in a beautiful age or maybe it will crush us all. I'm not sure how to sort out the good from the bad. I try to remember what life used to be like and carry that with me into tomorrow. This is what the new album is about. It is called Nineteen Ninety Five.


you can stream and download the album by visiting bandcamp or by clicking below