no echo

February22, 2016

It's my day off, so I'm tackling projects that are stuck on the back burner. Updating the site's CMS and package manager was at the top of the list, so that's now sorted and crossed out. It's mostly backend improvements and doesn't result in much noticeable difference for the casual browser, but the site feels a bit snappier.

Most of the recording for the 5th album is complete! Now it's time for the final mix and master. It's another short one, though I hesitate to call it an EP. The EP/LP designation is a remnant of the vinyl age, when our time lengths were restricted by the medium. It doesn't matter anymore. We can make two minute albums or a decade long album. These days I prefer releasing albums in the 20 minute range. Who am I to take up more than my share of anyone's time?

I had a funny thought the other day. When comparing creative motivations of music produced by bands to music produced for video games, I feel like video game music is more inherently pure. In many cases, the game music composer is just another member of a software development team and won't get recognition beyond their name listed in the credits. Bands are typically formed to bring music to the masses, and sign label deals to mass produce their product, thereby attaching brand and ego to their music.

In an odd, roundabout way, I twisted my logic to appreciate functional-purpose music as more sincere than live band-performed music (not to insinuate that I believe video games aren't an art form, because they are.) I guess the way I viewed it in that moment, background music produced to accompany, say, a car commercial, seemed more forthright about it's desire to exist than what a rock band represents. I have to say, this is one area that hip-hop has the rock genres beat--for all the criticism rappers receive for focusing on money and bling, they are not pretentious or lying to their fans. What you see is what you get.

I think this is why hip-hop and EDM have been kicking rock music's ass for over a decade. The kids got tired of the scenester bullshit.