phase distorter

September26, 2016

Writing to you from the silly circus we call the United States election year of 2016. Hello!

I'm a little disappointed with the lack of updates I've made to the site as of late, but here we are. It's not for lack of trying. I'm kept busy. The world has a way of pulling us in multiple directions. Screens flash at us for our attention every other second these days, no? I wish I could promise to visit more and to write more. It's probably the hypochondriac in me, but I feel as if my attention span is shortening as I grow older. I have a harder time learning new tasks and holding on to new knowledge. Is my brain running out of storage?

As the internet of things (IoT) manifest around us, we are engulfed by unmanaged systems. In the spirit of better security, I've decided it's high time that we migrate our web hosting duties to a real server and get off this sinking shared hosting boat. So that's in the agenda over the next few weeks. I believe this will be a good experience, despite any bumps in the road that may or may not appear.

As mentioned in the last entry, I got my hands on a Korg Volca keys synth. This instrument proved to be such a fun and mind bending inspiration that I got another instrument in the Korg Volca line, this one being the Volca Sample. It has the same small form factor and retains the responsive, glowing knobs and dials. It's a hands on piece of gear and requires more intuitive listening to control the instrument, rather than staring at menus and screens. Loads of old school sampler fun, although the memory management is a pain in the ass. Seriously, this sampler has 4 MB (M as in megabytes) of memory. Come on, man! Even the smallest micro SD cards have a few GB of space these days. What gives, Korg? I understand adhering to a retro aesthetic, but this is just ridiculous. Regardless, it's versatile and flexible despite the memory shortcomings. It makes one helluva beat-box and easily syncs up to the Volca Keys.

I want to start a cassette tape / vinyl record label, which is something I've fantasized about doing for the past year. I just want to release some weird noise and call it a day. The hurdle I'd have trouble with clearing is I have absolutely zero skills in self promotion. I could see myself making music for the label, signing other acts, helping other bands with production duties, setting up manufacturing and distribution. It's just... how the hell do I get anyone to care about the end result?

I'm bored with guitar based music lately. I'm spending my free time listening to video game soundtracks, ambient/industrial instrumental music, and short wave radio broadcasts.

Sleep well. Eat well. Be kind. Please wait. Hold on. Call your family because they probably miss you.