September28, 2015

It appears that once again I've updated the design of this site. I wasn't digging how it looked so I moved some things around, stripped it down a little more, and left it basic and minimal. I'm focused on making this site load quickly. I'm mostly concerned with being functional and neutral. No fancy stuff. No gimmicks.

Basically, I know next to nothing about web design and development. Therefore, this site is a constant work in progress and I can't guarantee proper functionality or reliable service. I'm learning as I go. With that learning comes lots of frustration mixed with scattered eureka moments. It's also loads of fun.

I'm getting hardcore into learning the ins and outs of Git and Git Hub. Version control is freaking awesome. Before I started developing with Git I would get totally lost as I made changes to code. I manually uploaded everything to my web host through FTP and would easily lose track of my progress. Errors piled up left and right. Git has been a lifesaver.

Not a lot is happening in the wonderful world of music making. I've hit a wall where I don't think working on any more instrumental arrangements will serve the new album. It's time to begin serious work on lyrical and vocal development. Now it's just a matter of getting motivated!

Stacy and I went on vacation last week. We had quite a few fun filled outings!

Look at these two knuckleheads.

We visited a Japanese tea garden.

We explored a beautiful and spooky cave.