verse chorus verse

August18, 2015

We now have 12 songs selected for the album out of a possible 20. Sometimes I feel like the recording process is going slow, yet somedays it feels like it goes too fast and I wish I had more time. Funny how time contracts and expands but doesn't stop.

With this album, I'm trying to think outside of the western musical grid. It's easy to fall into the songwriting box, the tried and true pop formula of verse/chorus/verse, three chord guitar riffs, and predictable arrangements. It's easy to focus on sparkling clear production, pristine recordings which are now afforded by modern software and audio interfaces.

I'm not sure what I want exactly, but it isn't that stuff. I don't want to be predictable, but I don't want chaotic arrangements just for the sake of randomness. Complicated music does not necessarily equal good music. I don't want perfect, digital recordings, but I don't want crappy, low fidelity recordings just because. That borders on fetishism of the medium, and although lo-fi purists lie on the opposite end of the spectrum, it is still the spectrum.

I like drone based works. I like music that swirls and hypnotizes. I like to feel confused and baffled. I want to exist in a weird room in the basement of civilization. I want to create and be created. I like listening to sounds that are unexplained.

Despite attempts to write outside the norm, there are still a few songs on the album that stick to the pop song formula, the grand tradition of the verse and the chorus. What can I say? We all write like that for a reason; it sounds good. But I'd like to find out what else sounds good.